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Express Documentation Team is committed to providing the highest quality documents available.  Our cards are made to exacting specifications including hologram and OVD laminations. We produce many docs for the independent professional, student, and organisations worldwide. We also service documentation needs of both small and large companies.  Our newest offering – state organ donor cards (donor licenses) – is something  everyone in USA should carry. We feature a modern production studio, equipped with state of the art high definition PVC card printers, ready to meet your needs. Our experienced graphic designers can also produce highly creative custom work whether it’s a single card or a corporate order.  Please note that we do not make fake IELTS certificates only real.This is where to buy fake passports that work .

We became Express Documentation team and focused on what we do best – the production of the highest quality ID cards, driving licence , passports , fake money available. We are currently one of the largest producers of single unit documents, and also continue to make many of the same high quality docs as we did when we were Duplicate Card Systems.  We even make high quality novelty cards for the motion picture industry. This is where to buy fake passports that work .

We also focus on the reseller.  Our distribution is market based, with out typical reseller supplying local professionals, small to medium size companies, and educational institutions of all sizes.  We offer large discounts for multiple card orders. 

We believe that our team is the best in the business with the best talented graphic designers like Vic who has many years experience and can work with you to produce a truly unique and original design.  Steve has made so many ID cards over the years that he does things with our Nisca PR5100 that even the manufacturer didn’t even know it could do!  So whatever your ID/passport needs, we can help you. 

where to buy fake passports that work

The business of moving from one country to the another has gradually become a life-sustaining activity.The aspect of Identification is very vital and according to our findings, most people find it difficult to obtain the following identification documents: This is where to buy fake passports that work

Identity (ID) Cards


Driving licenses

For that reason, EX Documentation Team was created for the purpose of helping anyone with Identification documents such as passports, ID cards, Driving licenses and any all other certificates .

For over 9 years of existence, we have created and produced over 83,000 legal documents relating to citizenship such as birth certificates, National Identities, Passports, licenses etc. for people from over 170 countries worldwide. Where To Buy Fake Passports That Work

Thanks to our alliances with governments and immigration service departments of those countries worldwide that boasts our credibility.

With our services, you can be able to get the following documents: Where To Buy Fake Passports That Work

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